Charaku Fine Japanese Tea offers a wide variety of high quality Whole Leaf Green, Black, and Oolong Japanese Teas from various appellations throughout the country, as well as Naturally Grown Matcha from the mountains of the Nishio region of Central Japan.

"Tea is nought but this: First you heat the water. Then you make the tea. Then you drink it properly. That is all you need to know."

Sen no Rikyu, 1522-1591

Show them who wait only for flowers, There in the mountain villages: Grass peeks through the snow, And with it, spring.

Fujiwara Ietaka, 1158-1237

Natsu mo chikazuku, Hachijyuuhachi-ya (Summer now approaches, the 88th night…)

From a Japanese Tea Picking Folk Song

“Shibui is the sesame to open the doors to the infinite mysteries of beauty.”

Yanagi Soetsu, 1889-1961

Mikaiko: Waiting for the plum blossoms to open.

Wagashi (Seasonal Japanese Sweet by Charaku Fine Japanese Tea)

Iced Benifuuki WaKoucha from Tanegashima

Charaku Teas are Great Cold Infused in Summer

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