Makizono Kirishima Zairai Sencha; Kirishima, Kagoshima, Naturally Grown, 50g - 2024 SHINCHA

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Mazikono Kirishima Zairai Sencha - 2024 Shincha (New Harvest Tea), Naturally Grown with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.
Origin: Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu
Cultivar: Zairai
Makizono Kirishima Naturally Grown Zairai Sencha is a chuumushi (medium-steamed) tea that brews to a warm green color. It's a low astringency, soft and smooth, medium body tea with mellow amami (sweetness) notes. Zairai means "native" and represents an older cultivar of the Japanese tea family.

Kirishima is located in the center of Kagoshima Prefecture between Kinko Bay to the south and the Kirishima Mountains to the north bordering Miyazaki Prefecture. Naturally Grown tea production in the area has increased in recent years.

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