Yutakamidori Fukamushi Sencha; Ei, Kagoshima Prefecture, 50g 2023 1st Harvest

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Yutakamidori Fukamushi Sencha; Ei, Kagoshima, 2023 1st Harvest
Origin: Ei (Minamikyushu,) Kagoshima Prefecture
Cultivar: Yutakamidori
Fukamushi (literally "deep steamed") teas are steamed for a longer period of time than usual during the initial processing to arrest oxidation. The result is a tea with lower astringency, caffeine content, and a darker color. This Yutakamidori varietal infuses to a dark emerald green color, with a slight grassy aroma. The tea is buttery and smooth with good body, and a good balance of mostly amami (sweetness) and a slight finish of shibumi (astringency) on the first infusion, and delivers more astringency on latter infusions.
The town of Ei, in the former county of Ibusuki in southern Kagoshima Prefecture, was combined with the towns of Chiran and Kawanabe in 2007 to make the new city of Minamikyushu. All three towns are noted tea growing regions, but Ei Sencha has often been compared to Gyokuro for the tea's reputation of being exceptionally smooth and mellow.

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