Wood-fired Vase, by Tim Lynch

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Wood-fired Vase by Tim Lynch; Spokane, Washington. H. 9.5"(23.5cm) x Dia. 6"(15cm).         Weight 1.23 kg.

As a young child, Tim watched his grandfather, Everett Lynch, at work in his pottery in Eastern Washington State. Years later, after graduating from Spokane's Gonzaga University, Tim would also take up pottery while keeping up primary careers as a studio musician, and then as a long-time educator in the Wenatchee, Washington. Now in retirement from teaching, he's back to following in his grandfather's footsteps as a working studio potter in Spokane. This vase was acquired on a family visit to Tim in East Wenatchee about a dozen years ago, and has been lovingly kept stored in inventory by WaSabiDou until being made available for purchase now. Current work from Tim Lynch can also be found at theclaymanpottery

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