20% to Wajima Earthquake Relief - Tsuyuhikari Organic Gyokuro; Satsuma, Kagoshima, 50g, 2023 1st Harvest

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Tsuyuhikari Organic Gyokuro - 2023 1st Harvest
Origin: Satsuma, Kagoshima Prefecture
Cultivar: Tsuyuhikari
This Organic Gyokuro from Satsuma, in mountainous central Kagoshima Prefecture, infuses to a golden-green hue, with a slight marine air fragrance despite the mountain growing region. It has medium body and the complexity of a good balance of amami (sweetness) and shibumi (astringency), but with a slightly peppery astringent finish.

Satsuma Town is the result of the recent merger of the smaller towns of Tsuruda, Satsuma, and Miyanojou, a well-known tea-growing area. Although mountainous, the large Sendai River runs through it, helping to create the conditions ideal for tea farming.

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