Tokoname Kyusu (Side-handle Tea Pot) by Gyokkou Kiln, 290cc / 9.8oz.

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Tokoname Kyusu (Side-handle Tea Pot) by Gyokkou Kiln, the Umehara family of Tokoname potters.  290cc/9.8oz. H.3.25"(8.25cm) x W.5.375"(13.5cm). 207 grams. Ceramic mesh strainer.

Kyusu, or side-handled teapot, from Tokoname City in Aichi Prefecture are the industry standard when it comes to Japanese teapots. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is probably one (on average) in most every household in Japan. The unglazed, iron-rich, red clay produces good flavor in green tea and retains heat well. Tokoname is known as one of the six ancient kilns in Japan. And although much of it's teaware output these days in made on molds; these forms have been perfected in terms of balance, pouring ability, and leaf-straining. Especially if you are new to Japanese green tea, a Tokoname pot will help you infuse a better cup of tea.

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