Set of 5 Adorable Cat Tea Cups, Blue & White Mino-ware, 180cc (6oz.)

Sale price$45.00


Set of five Adorable Cat Tea Cups; Mino-ware, Gifu Prefecture. Are you a cat-loving tea drinker, or do you know someone who is? These cups will bring happiness if so. These cups feature five playful images of cats: Sanma Neko (Mackerel Pike Cat,) Asobi Neko (Playing [with a ball of string] Cat,) Nemuri Neko (Sleeping Cat,) Tatazumu Neko (Just Hanging Out Cat,) and Nozoki Neko (Peeping Cat.) Each cup is H. 3.5"(9cm) x Dia. 2.5"(6.5cm) and holds 180cc (6oz.) Nyan! (Meow!)

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