Uji Saemidori Gyokuro, Kyoto. Naturally Grown. 50g - 2024 SHINCHA

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Uji Saemidori Gyokuro - 2024 SHINCHA. Naturally grown with no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.
Origin: Uji, Kyoto
Cultivar: Saemidori
This Organic Gyokuro from Uji infuses to a golden-green hue, and is a smooth, yet full-bodied tea with grassy and buttery notes and a slightly astringent finish, lasting through multiple infusions.

Uji has been a leading center of tea production since the 13th Century, and has long enjoyed a reputation in Japan for fine teas. Uji teas were commissioned and enjoyed by high-ranking generals, aristocrats, the Buddhist clergy, and even the Shogun throughout the Edo Period. The Uji region is especially known for the shade-grown teas (Kabuse-cha) that lead to the production of Gyokuro and Tencha (the base tea for Matcha.)

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