Musashikaori Ichou Sencha, Sayamacha, Saitama Pref., 50g - 2024 SHINCHA

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Musashikaori Ichou Sencha, Sayamacha, Saitama Pref., 50g - 2024 Shincha (New Harvest Tea)
Origin: Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture
Cultivar: Musashikaori
We are pleased to bring back Sayama-cha, teas from Southwest Saitama Prefecture, after a long absence. This particular tea is special as an Ichou (Withered) Sencha created by Shimizu-san of Bizenyacha in Hidaka, Saitama.
The techniques of allowing a short withering period and then mild roasting creates a tea that is still Japanese green tea, but starting to lean towards an Oolong. Some call these teas Japanese Green Oolong.
Masashikaori is a bit more withered and roasted than the Fukumidori, giving it a faint woodsy aroma and light green color, but still well-balanced and smooth. The first infusion opens up with amami (sweetness) and a slight notes of citrus and salinity, but very little shibumi (astringency). Subsequent infusions take very little time and produce a deep color green along with more roasted flavor and aroma, but also more umami (savoriness) and shibumi. Ichou Sencha. from Sayama will give you a new flavor and aroma experience in Japanese teas.

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