Matcha Furui, Matcha Tea Sifter

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Matcha Furui, Matcha Tea Sifter H. 3.375"(8.5cm) x Dia. 3.25"(8.25cm). Weight 270g.
Matcha should be sifted prior to use in order to dissolve properly when whisked. For larger quantities, such as when serving guests, the Matcha Furui is ideal. This sifter is constructed of stainless steel with a removable ultra-fine mesh screen and bamboo paddle for sifting matcha. A small funnel is also provided to transfer the sifted matcha to a container appropriate for serving, such as the natsume tea caddy (available here at Charaku.) Indispensable for creating the proper consistency of matcha, especially in larger quantities, and seldom stocked in the U.S.

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