Kiyomizu-yaki Shiboridashi Kyusu, Kyoto. 150cc (5oz)

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Kiyomizu-yaki Shiboridashi Kyusu, Kyoto. 150cc/5oz. Unglazed (yakishime) exterior with white glazed interior, which allows one to view the color of the tea. H. 2.75" (7cm) x W. 4.125" (10.5cm) Well-suited for high quality teas, such as Sencha and Gyokuro.

Pottery has reportedly been made in the the Gojouzaka area around Kiyomizu Temple since the 5th C. It was in the late Muromachi Era and the Momoyama Era of the 16th and early 17th C. that Kiyomizuyaki was a leading producer of tea wares in the ancient Capitol. Still today, Kiyomizu wares demonstrate a wide variety of elegant and refined vessels long favored by Kyoto elite.

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