Kiyomizu-yaki Matcha Chawan, Tea Bowl, by Hashimoto Shiun, Kyoto

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Kiyomizu-yaki Matcha Chawan, Tea Bowl; by Hashimoto Shiun, Kyoto. With signed wooden box. Ninsei style with red, green, and white overglaze enamels, plus plenty of gold decoration on the rim and body. Three tanzaku-shaped (wish papers hung at shrines and temples) panels with flora images: Plum Blossoms, Pampas grass, and Wisteria. Two panels with geometric designs of waves and diamonds. The arabesque "karakusa" curls in gold are large and may remind one of patterns in Pacific NW Coast Native American art. This bowl really has a lot of exquisite decoration. H. 3.125"(8cm) x Dia. 4.75"(12.25cm). Weight 190 grams.

Hashimoto Shiun was born in 1940 in Kyoto, the son of potter Hashimoto Jyogaku. He took over the family kiln, located in Kyoto's Gojozaka neighborhood, in 2003. He has become a well-known decorator in the Ninsei style in today's Kyoto.

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