Houjiki, Ceramic Houjicha Tea Roaster

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This Ceramic Tea Roaster goes by a number of Japanese names: Houjiki, Hojiki, Houko, Houroku, etc. They all refer to the same kitchen tool for roasting green tea to make your own Houjicha at home. Tokoname ware from Aichi Prefecture, Japan, home to kilns that produce a large portion of Japan's tea ware. H.3.25"(8.25cm) x W.9.375"(24cm.) Bowl Diameter 5.25"(13.5cm.) You can make your own Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea) at home using this handy ceramic roaster. Not only can you try out different green teas such as sencha, bancha, kukicha, etc., for roasting; you can also refresh the taste of teas that have lost some of their flavor due to age by roasting them and creating Houjicha with a fresh roasted aroma and taste. You can also use the Houjiiki to roast seeds, nuts, salt, etc. but you'll want to clean thoroughly so as not to impart unwanted aromas into your tea. Note: not intended for use on induction stove tops. Use on gas or electric stove tops only.

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