E-Shino Matcha Chawan, Tea Bowl, by Sato Jyuzo

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E-Shino (picture Shino) Matcha Chawan, Tea Bowl, by Sato Jyuzo. Sato Jyuzo was born in 1943 and is the master of the Jyubei Kiln in Toki, Gifu Prefecture. With signed wooden box and artist profile. Iron decoration of mountain and trees under white Shino glaze. H. 3.5"(9cm) x Dia. 4.5"(12cm). Weight 410 grams.

Shino-yaki is one of the notable Mino-ware ceramics, with Mino being the old provincial name of current Gifu Prefecture. Shino glaze used ground feldsapar and the local Mogusa clay. It dates back to the Momoyama Period (1568-1600) but disappeared shortly after, being replaced by the Oribe glazes also coming out of local Mino kilns. It was revived in the 1930's and 1940's by the Japanese potters Arakawa Toyozo and Katou Hijime based ontheir research of Momoyama-era pottery shards. The beauty of Shino aesthetics continues to live on bring joy today. 

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