Wood-fired Vase, by Stephen Murray, Sauk Mountain Pottery

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Wood-fired Vase by Stephen Murray, Sauk Mountain Pottery; Rockport, Washington. Blue glaze drips thickly over the shoulders and belly of the vase. H. 6.75"(17cm) x Dia. 4.75"(12cm). Weight 648 grams.

Murray discovered his passion for clay at art school in Cleveland, Ohio. He then set up a home and pottery at the base of Sauk Mountain, in the rural northeastern part of Washington State's scenic Skagit Valley, which he runs with his wife, author & playwright Nicola Pearson. Having access to waste wood from the local cedar shake mill in this logging community, he has been able to sustainably wood fire for many years. Much of his work draws on the local environment for inspiration in their colors and decorative elements. This vase was acquired on a family visit to Sauk Mountain Pottery a dozen years ago, and has been lovingly kept stored in inventory by WaSabiDou until being made available for purchase now. More information can be found about Murray and Pearson's work at Sauk Mountain Pottery

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