Vase, by Brian O'Neill

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Vase, by Brian O'Neill; Bellingham, Washington. H. 6.75"(17cm) x W. 5.375"(13.5cm).            Weight 787 grams. Brushed on slip, and pointed oval mouth opening. As with many of Brian's works, this piece is a quiet sculptural object as well as being a functional pottery form. This piece was acquired on a visit to Brian's farmhouse studio in rural Whatcom County about a dozen years ago, and has been lovingly kept in inventory storage until being made available for purchase now.

O'Neill has exhibited his work widely in Washington, Oregon, California, and even in the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington D.C., where he received an Honorable Metnion Award in 2016. Other awards include Best in Show at Portland's "Art in the Pearl" in 2019. More information about Brian's work and exhibition schedule can be found at his website, brianoneillceramics.

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