Ohata Kaki Glaze Serving Dishes, or Summer Tea Bowls, by Penny Sharp Sky

Sale price$30.00


Low & wide serving dishes, or Summer Tea Bowls, with Ohata Kaki Glaze; by Penny Sharp Sky, Orcas Island Pottery; Orcas Island (one of the San Juan Islands in NW Washington State). Textured, cross-hatch pattern interiors. Two* pieces available @ $30 each: H. 2.25"(5.75cm) X Dia. 6.125"(15.5cm). Weight 368-379 grams.


*Update: one piece now available #PS-1.

Penny has been potting since the early 1970's, but started potting with other ceramic artists at Orcas Island Pottery when she settled there in 1988. She has been a part of the artist team there every since.

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