Cherry Bark Tea Canister, holds 100g, Kabazaiku Chazutsu, Kakunodate, Akita Pref.

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Cherry Bark Tea Canister, Kabazaiku Chazutsu. Holds 100g of tea. H.4"(10cm) x Dia.2.5"(6.25cm.) Stainless steel interior with inner lid, covered in polished Mountain Cherry (Yama Zakura) bark (sakurakawa.)
The tradition of "kabazaiku" (literally 'birch' craft) started in the area of Kakunodate in Japan's Northeastern Akita Prefecture over 200 years ago. The indigenous Yamazakura (Wild/Mountain Cherry) provided bark to cover a wide of craft products. Because the bark provides a natural insulator against Japan's notorious humidity, the most popular items were tea storage canisters and tobacco cases. The craft continues in the area today and Kakunodate Kabazaiku is famous throughout Japan for traditional, high quality craft products. Tea canisters are indispensable for the proper storage of Japanese green tea. Keep your tea fresh in this beautiful craft item.

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