Charaku Fine Japanese Tea 2024 Kagoshima Naturally Grown Shincha Variety Gift Box, 4 x 50g

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Charaku Fine Japanese Tea 2024 Kagoshima Shincha Variety Pack Gift Box, 4 x 50g, Naturally Grown teas with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

A gift box with a variety of four naturally-grown teas representing different teas tastes and processing styles from Kyushu's Kagoshima Prefecture, which grows nearly a quarter of the tea in all of Japan: Okumidori Kabuse (shade-grown) Sencha, Asatsuyu Fukamushi (deep-steamed) Sencha, Kagoshima Genmaicha (sencha + roasted brown rice), and Benifuuki WaKoucha (Japanese Black Tea.)

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