Badarai (Horse-washing basin shape) Matcha Chawan, Tea Bowl, by Sachiko Furuya

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Badarai (Horse-washing basin shape) Matcha Chawan, Tea Bowl, by Sachiko Furuya; Honolulu, HI. H. 2.375"(6cm) x Dia. 4.75"(12cm). Weight 248 grams.

The shallow and wide shape of the badarai chawan is ideal for a feeling of coolness in summer as it allows the matcha to cool more quickly. The green glaze of the bowl is accented with a thick application of feldspar glaze representing a rope around the horse-washing basin. 

Sachiko Furuya hails from Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. There, she studied pottery with Yukio Matsuura, making primarily tea wares for practitioners of the Omotesenke School of Tea. She also attended the College of Arts at Nihon University (Tokyo,) Suidobara Fine Arts Academy (Tokyo,) and has a Studio Art degree from Clark College in Dubuque, Iowa. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums in the United States and Japan. She also owned and operated her own gallery in Edmonds, WA from 1997-2000. Currently, she resides in Hawaii, where she finds new inspirations to complement her aesthetic sensibilities cultivated by her time in Japan and the Pacific Northwest. Sachiko's pottery glazes often make use of bamboo ash (J. take bai) and a high iron content. Her forms tend to be raw and organic, illustrating her preference to let the materials speak for themselves.

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