NEW - Asahina Special Blend Gyokuro; Asahina Valley; Okabe, Shizuoka Prefecture, 50g - 2024 SHINCHA

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Asahina Premium Blend Gyokuro - 2024 Shincha (New Harvest Tea)
Origin: Asahina Valley, Okabe, Shizuoka Prefecture
Cultivar: Saemidori (40%) + Yabukita (40%) + Okumidori (20%)
This special blend of cultivars infuses from a light green on the first infusion and opens up to deeper greens on latter infusions. Full mouthfeel and texture on multiple infusions. Initial aromas and tastes are mildly grassy with a hint of salinity. Plenty of amami (sweetness) as characteristic with most Gyokuro with just a hint of shibumi (astringency) at the finish. Later infusions continue smooth with umami richness and a fine balance of amami (sweetness) and shibumi (astringency). 

Good Gyokuro is often compared to a fine dashi (broth) and this tea is full in the mouth with an herbaceous, sweet, and slight marine flavors. A low temperature is needed to bring out the "amami," or sweetness, and low astringency for which gyokuro is known. 

The Asahina Valley in Okabe City produces fine shaded teas such as Gyokuro and Kabuse Sencha. Try it together with our Asahina Karigane, which is Stem Tea (Kukicha) made from Gyokuro Stems from the same region. Both teas are also great cold-infused during the hot summer months!

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