Yunomi, Tea Cup, by Akashi Shosaku, Mashiko

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Yunomi, Tea Cup, by Akashi Shosaku, Mashiko. Vintage, ca 1980's, but unused. White interior with horizontally brushed white slip over a blue-gray body exterior. Iron decoration of flower leaves with blue glaze flowers. H. 3.375"(8.5cm) x Dia. 3."(7.5cm). Weight 182 grams. Volume 240ml (8oz). Can be purchased singly, $35 each, or as a pair for $65 (refund issued). See inventory #MY.J19.20.A for this cup's mate.

Akashi Shosaku was born in Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture, in 1942. He is widely recognized as the last apprentice of Hamada Shoji. In 1962 he began a long relationship with Hamada Shoji (1894-1978) and the Hamada Kiln as an apprentice (deshi) and artisan worker (shokunin) that lasted nearly 20 years. He did join in exhibitions during his tenure at the Hamada Kiln, but opened his own independent kiln 1981. Since that time, he has won numerous awards locally in Tochigi Prefecture, and nationally with various Japanese ceramic and art associations. His work has been widely collected in Japan and around the world. He has his own style, but continues the work of preserving the techniques of Hamada Shoji and the aesthetics of local Mashiko ware.


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