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SOLD - Yunomi, Tea Cup, Kathy Lusher; Seattle,WA

SOLD - Yunomi, Tea Cup, Porcelain with underglaze blue painting (uroko-mon, fish scale pattern,) by Kathy Lusher; Seattle, WA. H.3"(7.5cm) x Dia.3"(7.5cm) Volume=200ml(6.75 oz.) Additional images of this item (Inv#KL-6) and more of Lusher's pottery are available at
Kathy Lusher makes functional ceramics of an exceptional quality. The porcelain bodies and blue-green tinge to her hand-mixed glaze recipes create the ideal background to view the color of Japanese green tea. Lusher was an apprentice in Japan to well-known potter Takita Koichi, who has worked in both rural Fukushima & Tochigi Prefectures. He himself apprenticed to Japan's first two ceramic National Living Treasures, Hamada Shoji (for Mingei-style pottery) and Tomimoto Kenkichi (for overglaze painted porcelain.) This combination of folk-style utilitarian shapes using the more delicate porcelain material are a hallmark of Takita's and Lusher's works. Kathy's work has mainly been offered in Japan, where she has exhibited at galleries and has also had her work accepted at the prestigious Nihon Mingeikan (Japan Folk Craft Museum) exhibition of contemporary works.