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TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Yutakamidori Organic Sencha; Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture, 50g - 2022 1st Harvest

TEMP OUT OF STOCK - Yutakimidori Organic Sencha - 2022 1st Harvest
Origin: Hioki, Kagoshima Prefecture
Cultivar: Yutakamidori
This organic sencha has a light grassy aroma with notes of pepper and citrus. It has a good balance of shibumi (astringency) and amami (sweetness) with shibumi diminishing and amami increasing in 2nd and 3rd infusions.

The city of Hioki is on the western coast of Kagoshima, facing out towards the East China Sea. It is a recently formed city created by the mergers of the small towns of Fukiage, Higashiichiki, Hiyoshi, and Ijuuin. Tea farmers there grow a variety of cultivars, including this fine example of Yutakamidori.