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Saemidori Sencha; Miyanojou, Kagoshima Pref. 50g - 2020 SHINCHA

Saemidori Sencha - 2020 SHINCHA
Origin: Miyanojou, Kagoshima Prefecture
Cultivar: Saemidori
This Sencha from Miyanojou in Kagoshima Prefecture infuses to a green-gold hue, with a slight ocean air aroma. It is a smooth tea with low astringency and mild amami (sweetness.) Later infusions bring out some mild astringency and a slight nutty flavor.

The towns of Miyanojou and Tsuruda in north-central Kagoshima Prefecture were combined in 2005 to make the new town of Satsuma. It is known for hot springs, tea, and as the "Take no Furusato" (home of bamboo.)