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NEW - Asanoka/Meiryoku Blend Sencha; Satsumasendai, Kagoshima Prefecture, 50g 2021 SHINCHA

NEW - Asanoka/Meiryoku Blend Sencha 2021 SHINCHA
Origin: Satusmasendai, Kagoshima Prefecture
Cultivar: Asanoka/Meiryoku Blend
This Sencha is medium-bodied with marine air notes in both aroma and taste. It is more amami (sweetness) forward on the first infusion, then developing more shibumi (astringency) and grassy notes in later infusions, with stronger shibumi especially at the finishes on each infusion.
Satsumasendai is located in western Kagoshima Prefecture facing out to the Koshikijima Islands and beyond to the East China Sea. Also cut by the large Sendai River, it experiences warm breezes and an early growing season. Organic tea production in the area has increased in recent years.