Red Shino Mukozuke, Serving Dish, by Hank Murrow

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A lobed serving dish, appropriate for the mukozuke course in a Japanese course meal, or for any small food serving; by Hank Murrow; Eugene, Oregon. "Hank's Red Shino" glaze. Three carved feet. H. 2.25"(5.75cm) X W. 6.25"(16cm). Weight 421 grams.

Murrow first encountered clay at the University of Oregon in the late 1950's, and eventually went on to teach ceramics in California, Ohio, Colorado, and ending up back in Eugene to set up his studio there in the mid-70's. His works for table, tea, and flowers have been greatly enhanced by his own interests in cooking and gardening, and have graced the homes of the greater Willamette Valley community and beyond for several decades.

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