Organic Benifuuki WaKoucha (Japanese Black Tea) Tanegashima, Kagoshima, 50g - 2022 1st Harvest

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Organic Benifuuki WaKoucha (Japanese Black Tea) 2022 1st Harvest.
Origin: Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Cultivar: Benifuuki
Japanese Black Tea, or WaKoucha (literally "red tea,") is not nearly as well-known as Japanese Green Tea, even though black tea has been produced in Japan since the late 1800's as an export item to Europe and the United States. The Benifuuki varietal is a cross between Assamica and Sinensis varieties, and is well-suited to creating a uniquely Japanese black tea. It has a lovely red color, and a slightly fruity flavor and aroma. The level of astringency is relatively low compared to non-Japanese black teas, so it can be enjoyed with or without milk and sugar. We hope you will enjoy this unique Japanese tea.

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