Imari Ware Porcelain Soba Choko with Underglaze Cobalt Blue Pattern of "Sho-Chiku-Bai" (Pine-Bamboo-Plum, the Three Friends of Winter)

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Imari ware porcelain soba choko with underglaze cobalt blue pattern of "sho-chiku-bai" (Pine-Bamboo-Plum, the Three Friends of WInter.) Mid-late Edo Period (1600-1868.) H.5.5cm (2.25") Dia.7.5cm (3"). Weight 137g. An auspicious pattern featuring the "Three Friends of Winter" represents longevity and perseverance as pines remain evergreen, bamboo is resilient, and plums are the first trees to bloom after a harsh winter. The interior rim features a repeating four diamond-shaped crest pattern. No cracks or chips, in overall fine condition.

Soba choko were initially used for small food items, much like mukozuke or ko-zara are used in today's presentation of Japanese cuisine. Not until later in the Edo Era were they produced exclusively for use as sauce cups for dipping soba noodles. They can still be used to elegantly serve soba or somen noodles, food as a mukozuke dish food or any small food serving, and they are also excellent as tea cups.

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