Arita-Yaki Plate, with "Fuji-Matsu" (Mount Fuji & Pine) Motif, Early 20th C. (Meiji Era 1868-1912 to Taisho eEa 1912-1926)

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Arita-yaki plate, with "Fuji-Matsu" (Mount Fuji & Pine) motif, early 20th C. (Meiji era 1868-1912 to Taisho era 1912-1926). Porcelain with blue underglaze. Mount Fuji is an auspicious symbol of holiness, prosperity, and power. The pine, evergreen, symbolizes longevity. Together, they show good fortune and the plate would have been used for celebratory occasions. The plate also features a faux crazing pattern. 

Dia. 11.5" (29cm) x H. 1.5" (4cm). Weight 1029g.

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