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SOLD - Shiboridashi Kyusu with 2 Cups by Yukiko Saito; Tokyo, Japan

SOLD - Shiboridashi Kyusu (4oz/120cc) with 2 Cups (2.5oz/75cc) by Tokyo potter Yukiko Saito. Tea pot is unglazed (yakishime) and well-suited for infusing high-quality Japanese teas such as Gyokuro or Sencha. Saito has a broad resume including pottery studies and exhibitions in Japan and Europe, studies in design, and has worked as an assistant to Karatsu potter, Takashi Nakazato in his U.S. pottery workshop in 2010. She currently co-owns and operates "Awai," a contemporary space featuring course menus, tea tastings, and pottery pairings in Kichijoji, Tokyo.