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SOLD-"A Feast for the Eyes: The Art of Japanese Food Arrangement"

SOLD-"A Feast for the Eyes: The Japanese Art of Food Arrangement" by Yoshio Tsuchiya. 1985 First Edition, Kodansha. Clothbound Hardcover with original dust jacket. Condition-new. 165 pages, color & B/W plates. "The Japanese approach to food is a true art, the highest accomplishment of which, is a notch short of impossible. The way of choosing vessels, preparing and arranging food, and dining involves a quietude, a receptivity, a different timing, a space where possibilities are allowed. It leaves complexity behind, and , at its best, leaves even connoisseurship behind. This art is neither precious nor inscrutable, but a way of greatly mulitplying one's pleasure - one's presence - in the simple, creative, and universal act of eating. " Yoshio Tsuji was born in Osaka in193. He was the curator for the Suntory Museum of Art in Tokyo.