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Gokase Organic Kamairi Tamaryoku Sencha, Miyazaki, 50g - 2019

Gokase Organic Kamairi (pan-fired) Tamaryoku Sencha - 2019
Origin: Gokase, Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu
Cultivar: Yabukita
This Kamairi (pan-fired) Tamaryoku Sencha infuses to a golden-green hue; and is a smooth, full-bodied tea with well-balanced flavors of amami (sweetness,) grassiness, and astringency. The sweetness in this tea is slightly reminiscent of sweet potatoes.

Gokase has long been a respected tea-growing area in Miyazaki Prefecture, on Japan's southern island of Kyushu. It is most well-known for the production of fine kamairi (pan-fired) teas, offering a different taste dimension for tea enthusiasts in Japan, where steaming is the norm.